Architecture today with their architecture buildings headed by famous designers can leave all us with =outh words and with eyes large opening. The proof for this is the photos below where we will show you amazing architecture buildings in all world. We will start with the museum of tomorrow placed in Rio de Janeiro, we will go around all the world and we will finish with the Samuel Becket bridge in Dublin, Ireland, buildings designed by the same person, Santiago Calatrava. Open your eyes and see the most amazing contemporary architecture that is a masterpiece of famous designers!

Check our top houses with glass walls

The museum of tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a science museum place in Brazil, in Rio De Janeiro. The inventor and designer of this amazing building are Santiago Calatrava and opened in December 2015, just three years ago.

amazing buldings

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Concert hall Walt Disney placed in Los Angeles

This amazing concert hall is placed is Los Angeles it was designed by Frank Gehry and opened in the 2003 year.

walt disney concert hall

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University College Dublin Steven Holl

The designer Steven Holl is a New York-based American architect with many buildings that are amazing.

Egg-shaped office building in Mumbai, India

If you are coming to Mumbai India, prepare to see architecture that is very modern!

Railway station Emilia

Santiago Calatrava again, my dear friends. He is the designer of this famous train stain placed in Italy. Let’s roof our hats to this amazing person, architect, inventor, designer.

amazing railway station

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Theatre and art performance, contemporary architecture

Shindagha towers are one special building that will surely open your eyes, and also is an example for future architecture.

teather architecture

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The new airport opened last month in Istanbul, Turkey

This is the largest airport in Istanbul, Turkey and one of the total three airports in this city. It was opened the last month, in October and the prime minister here promised working place for around 250.000 people.

Aula Medica

This is an auditorium with 1000 seats, two restaurants, one coffee bar and 100 office rooms.

CCTV Tower – China Central Television Headquarters, Beijing

This is how looks the tower of central television in Beijing, China.

Melkweg Bridge in the Netherlands

Bridge completed in 2012 by NEXT architects.

The Helix Building, Japan

This building is tall 170 metres and if you think that this is a shop mall, no it isn’t it, this is mediumwave radio transmitter.

Seatle central library

This awesome building large 185 feet and 56.9 meters high is designed by LMN architects.

Mirror cube tree house by designer Tham & Videgård Architects

When I first saw this photo I have no idea that this is a mirror cube but actually tree house. the designer of this cube are the designers Tham and Videgard.

Modern Building Odeillo Solar Furnace, Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via, France

This on the photo is 1000 kW thermal power station placed in France, exactly in Font-Romeu-Odeillo. 

Samuel Becket Bridge in Dublin, Ireland

This is the bridge that joins Sir John Rogerson’s Quay on the south side of the River Liffey to Guild Street and North Wall Quay in the Docklands area and guesses what? The designer of this bridge is again Santiago Calatrava. Thank you for your attention, your time is priceless for us!

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