Even if adorned with the most lavish and luxurious decor, the truth is that a home can never look appealing if messy. On the other hand, cleanliness and good organization can go a long way, and they can make even the simplest of homes warm and inviting. Since we are creatures of habit, we pile up one thing after another and indulge our shopping impulses. After all, how are you supposed to resist those new shoes you have been eyeing for a while when they are on sale? While no one is suggesting you stop shopping any time soon, we are suggesting you be smart about it and declutter your house. Think of it this way – the sooner you declutter, the sooner you can buy whatever you like without feeling guilty about it. And these 5 genius decluttering hacks will help you out in more ways than one! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a home that will be the envy of the neighborhood?

Adopt a new system

Sure, decluttering is a process associated with cleaning and you being a busy little bee going in one room after another with a garbage bag and disposing of your items. But that is only the beginning of home improvement that is about to ensue. In order to leave your guests in awe after visiting your home, you will have to adopt a new mindset. A good rule of thumb is to throw away one thing for each item you buy. And this is a rule that should be with you long after you first get rid of all the mess. Besides, when you know that you will have to throw something away, you will be much more careful about what you buy in the future. That alone will ensure your house stays clean and clutter-free!

Purge your closet

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female, chances are that the biggest source of clutter will be your clothes. That’s because people oftentimes attribute sentimental values to their clothes. How are you supposed to throw away your old cheerleading uniform even though you haven’t been able to fit in it for over a decade? Well, the truth is that you have to be practical. If you feel like throwing away clothes that don’t fit anymore will be difficult, then why not donate them? This way, you will feel good about yourself as well as declutter your home.

Leave only the items you have used in the last six months.

Besides, if you are moving, getting rid of some clothing items can reduce the overall price of your relocation. A lot of companies listed in the database of Verified Movers and other relevant sources charge based on the weight of the cargo. And you would be surprised how much one winter jacket can weigh, not to mention all of those items you have outgrown years ago. Turns out that these genius decluttering hacks can save you space and money, as well! Talk about a win-win situation.

Organize your magazines and mail

No one really likes to throw away any magazines, no matter how old they are. And the same goes for mail. Maybe you picked up your mail while you were on your way out and simply threw it wherever you found handy at the moment. Do this a couple of times and pretty soon you will be in over your head in mail. So, when deciding that it’s the right time to clean your home, make sure to include your magazines and mail.

Make a cup of coffee, sit down, and get to work. Whether you decide to put your magazines on a newspaper rack or on your fancy bookshelf, it’s up to you. But, what is important is to leave only the newest editions and to throw away all the rest. And the same goes for your mail. If you stumble upon an invitation for an important event, make sure to put it down in your calendar. Then you can throw away the invite. The same goes for your bills. See what has been left unpaid. In essence, that’s the only thing you do need to keep. Letters from your loved ones not included. 

Some genius decluttering hacks to deal with organizing small items…

Like your bobby pins, hairbands and paper clips. Take a quick look around your home. Chances are that everywhere you look there will be at least one small item that’s out of place. And that one small item has the power to bring down the look of the whole room. Which is a shame, as all you need is one big plastic box with lots of smaller boxes inside for organizing these items. It’s not exactly the most stylish decor idea, but it will certainly do the trick. Taking into account that it’s also a budget-friendly option, this is one of the most genius decluttering hacks you should adopt as early as today. 

With these genius decluttering hacks, no area will be left uncovered!

…while others deal with bulkier items

Like holiday decorations. Who can resist buying an oversized skeleton for that long-awaited Halloween party? Or a huge, tall tree for Christmas? But, as soon as Halloween and Christmas pass, you will regret such a decision, as you will have to store that large and unnecessary piece. Unless you want to rent a storage unit, you need to go through all of your holiday decorations. Are there some ornaments you didn’t use this year? If there are, the best idea would be to throw them away. If they were not needed this year, they will certainly not be needed the next one, when you will buy new ornaments. Also, test your lights and everything that uses electricity. There is no point in keeping malfunctioning items.

Finally, refrain from buying anything you will have a problem storing. These genius decluttering hacks won’t be enough if you keep on buying everything you see without thinking about its practicality. 

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