The secret to any thriving landscape is finding the perfect balance of water, fertilization, and sunlight. But, when it comes to lawn, the watering process can be time-consuming and ineffective if incorrectly done. 

An irrigation system takes the guesswork out of watering and is quite a popular addition to homes and businesses. If you’re thinking of buying one for the property, then here are the benefits of owning an irrigation system. 

Advantages of a lawn irrigation system

Are you wondering whether sprinkler systems are worth it? Here are some benefits to consider before going for installing an outdoor sprinkler system for your home or business. 

#1 Time Saving

Using a manual sprinkler or hand watering your lawn or garden requires careful planning and a good amount of time. Experts say that the perfect time to water your yard or garden is between 4 a.m. to 10 a.m., which makes it tough for those with big properties or someone who has a hectic schedule. By installing an outdoor sprinkler system, you can set it automatically to start and stop within your desired time frame for better results.

#2 Aesthetics 

Get rid of not so pleasing to see hoses and sprinkles with sprinkler heads that are only visible when in use and retract neatly when they’re not in use. Drip irrigation is another effective watering solution that also looks eye-pleasing.

#3 Health

Depending on the soil condition and climate in your city/area, your lawn requires 30-60 mins of watering once or twice a week. Too little or too much water can result in an unhealthy landscape, but with the help of an automatic irrigation system, you can comfortably rest knowing your plants will receive an adequate amount of water with little or no waste.

#4 Freedom

You don’t need to make plans around your lawn watering schedule – with the help of an automated sprinkling system; you are free to go on vacation or take a day off without worry about watering your lawn.

#5 Flexibility

A sparkling system can be easily customized to suit any size of the property, unlike manual sprinkler that comes with only a limited range of motion.

#6 Saves water bill

Another reason why you should have an irrigation system installed is it could save money. As stated on this site, using an automatic sprinkler system will not only save you time but money too. When you have installed an automatic irrigation system, you ensure that: 

  1. Water is distributed efficiently through the retracting sprinkling heads.
  2. Only areas that need water will get water. 
  3. Your lawn is watered during the ideal times by installing a time.

All the above reasons add to significant savings on your utility bills over the years. 

#7 Increases Resale Value

One of the essential benefits of an irrigation system is that it can enhance the resale value of the house, as an irrigation system is considered as an upgrade feature by most homeowners. Another benefit of a properly designed irrigation system is that it will make your lawn look more attractive and eye-pleasing.

These are the advantages of owning a lawn irrigation system; these advantages have answered your question about whether you should install a lawn irrigation system or not. So what are you waiting for! Get a lawn irrigation system installed and make your lawn area beautiful.

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