People who live in small houses and apartments have struggled with rooms organization. The best solution for small homes is these absolutely great under the bed storage ideas. You can still live grand even though your home is small, use these ideas and save space.

You have shown interest in our previous post about bunk bed design which was my inspiration to find more cool ideas about bed storage. Let’s have a short look at some of the unique bed designs with storage shelves!

Under the bed, wardrobe

What do you think about wardrobe under the bed? I personally would choose to have this type of bed. There is a cute wardrobe where you can organize your clothes and you can use the store shelves as stairs for climbing on the bed.

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Built in bed – cool space saving idea

Another great idea is to add a built-in wall bed idea. With this choice, you have enough space for book organization, also you have storage shelves and wardrobe for clothes. Interesting design for those who live large in small space.

Under the bed closet idea

Maximise the space in a small room and use the space under the bed for clothes organization. This can be the place for summer clothes, keep it well organized for the next summer. Look at this idea and steal it for your own sleeping room.

Bed with storage shelves

Here are the dimensions of the farmhouse bed design. The bed is a full 7 narrower and with this, it differs with ordinary farmhouse beds. All of the storage shelves can replace one big dresser, so be smart and buy it right now!

See how it looks this bed in a practice! No just that is practical and functional for using it, but also looks wonderful. Even no one will notice that there are actually shelves under the bed and you will still have the best organization.

Under the bed storage, loft bed

Make good organization of winter or summer clothes, some kids clothes you don’t need anymore or some old clothes that you don’t want to throw it. Just be smart and reuse the space under the bed because is too bad to not re-purpose the furniture in small homes.

Under the bed drawers

The drawers under the bed can solve the problem with clothing organization. Use this idea for your own room and forget that you live in a small apartment, live big just with the great choice of bed design.

Corner bed storage ideas in a kids room

Corner bed for twins room makes enough space for clothes arranging and toy of your kids. If you are a parent then you know how hard is to keep organized the kids’ room. This is the idea you need to make an awesome organization in children room. Share these ideas with friends!

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