There is no person who don’t want to live in modern home place. That’s why we all tend to spend a lot of money from our salary to design the bedroom, to design the living room and the bathroom place. But how to design it if we don’t have an idea? Well, the ideas are here and you just need to take a short glimpse in it! 

So if you are of those people who love to spend a lot of menoy for decorating their homes, you are at the right place and this is the right moment to read the post and to see the photos. Scroll down to see alluring interior design that will make your find inspiration for your modern home!!! 

Light blue interior design with accent of yellow colour

Interior design is art so we can create nice art at home with the modern design of our living room. We can combine light and dark blue with yellow colour and love our home design. 

interior design
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Light blue dining room area design

And we can keep the same tones and combination for our dining room, to have this space at home and to admire the decor. As you can see, yellow and blue are great colours that we can combine together in our home. 

modern dining room
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Take a look in other design of living room

We have also other design of living room to show you here and you will love the idea, I’m sure in that. just see these light colours, cream is the colour you need for nice ambient in the lviign room area. 

modern home
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Take a look in the dining room – nice design

Well, if your choice for the living room is light colour, this doesn’t have to be the rule for the dining room. For the dining room, you can add dark tones and to succeed in creating modern home design. 

modern dining room
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Modern design of bathroom place

Who will say that this is a bathroom place? When I first saw it I thought that this is a living room area which is modern and then suddenly I realized that this is a bathroom. To be honest, I love this decor and what about you?

modern bathroom
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Modern design of bedroom place

Let’s take a look in the alluring bedroom! We’ve shown you design of living room, design of bathroom and also we’ve shown design of dining room. Now, it only stays to show you the design of bedroom place. See this adorable bedroom design and inspire yourself, feel free to share the idea on the social media!!! 

modern bedroom
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So, we shown you design of dining room, living  room, bathroom, bedroom and that’s it! We are to the end fo this post and our frienship ends here! Also, read our post from this morning, it’s about how to design the small kitchen space. Thanks so much for your attention and have a nice day!!! 

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