Every country has different styles of country houses and exactly this house represents the tradition of the same country. This post is exactly about the small country houses that looks amazing, attractive, appealing and every person would love to live in a house like this. We don’t need large houses that we can’t even clean it or take care of the decoration. not every person have enough time and money for doing that. But if you have a small wooden or stone country house you will make the decor with less money and also you will enjoy in modern design. It doesn’t mean that you will live there all the time, also you can have another large house where you will live and you will use this house for resting during the weekend or holidays.

So, my task today is to show you some amazing designs of small houses that you will need to the check and to inspire yourself. Of course, do that if you are interested in but if you’re not, you will maybe wish to check our 10 of the most amazing driveways designs. 

Small country house made of cement blocks

There are people who will give all the money they have just to have a house like this. This is a cute house and at some moment I thought that this house is from the fairy tales finally to understand that this is a modern country house. WOW!

Wooden small cottage for a contemporary way of living

For me, wooden small cottages are a great idea for staying there during the weekend time. Also, this place can be used for celebrating birthday parties and many other celebrations. Take a look in this photo and find motivation in it!

country houses

Photo via www.pinosy.com

Large glass and stones country house style

If you just have an opportunity to choose you can choose to live in a modern large house like this one. this can be the place where you can pass the rest of your life. How great it would be that if it’s true!

Wooden cottage – perfect place for living in

Here is another idea about living in a wooden cottage. If you like wood material when is added in interior and exterior, this is for you. But if you are of those people who enjoy stones and rocks, go down and see the next photo.

Cute small house design

This is the cutest house I’ve ever seen in my life, but if you are in the plan about choosing this house think that here there is no space for large families.

Small country house place that will serve you for resting in

WOW! Imagine having a country house like this in a mountain place where none can bother you and you can relax there during the weekdn time.

The modern style of a country house

If yu don’t like wood material, this design is just for your inspiration. Just take a view.

country houses

Photo via www.flickr.com

Stones country house that is fascinating

When stacked stones are added in the house exterior you can have modern house design that you will love it.

Country houses can look like this one

Many people would give all their treasure to rent a house like this for a weekend but they can’t spend all their days here. What do you think, can you live in a house like this forever?

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