A balcony is a place that we use a lot during a summer period. We sit there for hours during the late night hours talking with friends or sitting alone. We drink our favorite coffee and relax. So, this place of our house is seen by the guests that are visiting us. Flowers, vases, suitable table with chairs, chandelier, pillows… Every detail is important for attractive small balcony design and decoration. That’s why we need creative decorating ideas. Check out these attractive small balcony design to fall in love with. Style your balcony in the same way as the following!

Here is the secret for arranging one modern balcony. Choose a white table with chairs. Combine the white color with pink and purple. Add pink fresh flowers, add purple glasses. Choose a grey ball chandelier to complete the decor. See this wonderful decor in this image.

Choose blue and pink pillows, add a white lantern on the balcony wall. Add a lot of fresh flowers in a flower pot. Include blue color in the decoration too. Add a white-blue pillow, blue glass coffee cups, and white-blue-pink plates.

This is another idea of how to create a decorative balcony place. Add wooden fencing, a lot of green plants and trees. Add two wrought iron chairs with a table. About the table decor: Add two large coffee cups, two wine glasses, a wine and a plate with cheesecake. About the wall decor: Add a wall mirror, modern wall lighting, and an iron bench.

Small balcony with a cool design is what you can see in this image. Maybe you can put a love seat or a small sofa with a blanket to read books in comfort. Add contemporary privacy fence – it’s up to you, to the style you like and to the atmosphere that you want to create. Create a modern balcony like the following!

Create a balcony full of relaxation and a romance. This romantic place, with stacked stones wall, modern wall lantern, hanging flower pots and two chairs with a table are the thing you need for relaxation.

Here is one fresh green idea about small balcony design. This idea is for those who live in a small apartment but still have a wish to sit outdoors. Give a cozy look to your balcony by adding stripes carpet, striped chairs, and the table… well, the table is small but is still an amazing design!


Here is one simple design of balcony place. Choose this if you adore the simple design. See 106 ideas more about simple home design.

Let’s go back to the first balcony design idea. What we forgot to tell you is to add green carpet on flooring. It looks like a grass and is easy for maintaining. For privacy, add Zebra blinds and shades. At the end of this article of small balcony design, I want to thank you for your attention.

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