Many of you will now say that wooden screens can be used just to create a private place in outdoor place, but also not many people know that wooden screens can be used as a room dividers. When we enter a small apartment or house, the first thing that catches our eyes is the organization of the rooms. If the place is small, the person who lives there should maximize the space and think about adding room dividers.

So, if you live in a small apartment, it’s time to change something and to extend the space. Take a look in the following designs and copy the style for your house place.

Bedroom partition with a wooden screen

Your bedroom can be separated into two parts and you don’t need a wall for this. All you need are wooden sticks that will help you in creating two rooms, and also you can use this divider also as a TV stand, take e look in the photo.

Separate the dining room from the kitchen place with this idea

Repeat the style for the other rooms too and enjoy in the good organization of the rooms, maybe the following photo will inspire you for doing this.

Dining room wooden wall divider

The other creative idea to reuse the wooden divider is to create a gallery wall in the same place. Wood and photos combined together look stunning if you are curious to take a look in this photo which is stunning.

wooden screens

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Wooden screens room divider to hide the indoor stairs

Hide the stAIRS WITH WOODEN room divider as this in the photo below. Also, arrange here your favourite flower pots and create the vertical garden. What can I say any more, these screens have ruined my heart and I will surely going to buy some for my home place. And you?

Apartment bedroom divider with white wood

Small apartment bedroom can be an open room without any door, just use white wooden screens that are stunning and alluring. This is a very nice idea but for those who live alone and want to save enough space for all rooms.


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Wooden shelves part of room dividers

If you want to leave space on the divider, think about this possibility in the photo which is a combination of wooden wall and shelves. This can be the place for the favourite souvenirs you have and you want to be seen by other people and guests.

wooden shelves

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Bedroom wall divider that looks attractive

If you have noticed this is the same picture as before but this time from another perspective. Wooden screen divider goes through the ceiling and ends as a wall behind the bed. What a great design that every person secretly dreams for. Sorry to disappoint you that this is the last idea on this post, but stay with our website and also read about unique bathroom design.

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