Every person dream to have water features in outdoor place and with that to achieve the refreshing design. When waterfall is added in outdoor place is very important to choose the suitable place for that, to choose a modern wall for the waterfall. In this post, you have an opportunity to see backyard waterfalls that are great. Starting from contemporary design and ending with some do it yourself waterfall ideas, the photos below are absolutely must-see.

Scroll down, check the photos and the next thing you need to do is to share it with friends. If you don’t have conditions for adding water features think about adding wooden rustic benches in the backyard place.

Modern backyard waterfalls with bricks wall

Adding bricks wall at the place of the waterfall makes one outdoor place looking stunning and adorable. Don’t wonder how will look at this design in your own outdoor place, but check the photo below and find out.

backyard waterfall

Photo via www.blog.somproduct.ro

Contemporary waterfall and pool in a backyard

Modern backyards with swimming pool can also have a stunning waterfall and can look like this in the photo. It all depends on your outdoor place look and you must combine the waterfall with the rest of the design.

Amazing waterfall with rocks surface

The combination of rocks and water makes an amazing place for staying in. This photo tells a lot how can you keep the modern design in the exterior part of the house.

Nice outdoor waterfall

Imagine the feeling how the water is falling and you are enjoying in the lovely sunny day seating in the backyard place. The feeling is great, you are at home but still enjoying modern design. Take a look in this photo which offers modern design to one yard.

backyard waterfalls

Photo via www.kibin.biz

Do it yourself pallet waterfall idea

If you don’t want to spend money on outdoor decor but you want to take care of the decor, do some crafts by yourself. One lovely craft is this pallet waterfall that can beautify the garden, front yard or backyard place.

Backyard corner waterfall

Never leave the corners in the backyard empty but create cosy place there. I invite you to see this idea that looks fantastic and tells you how to combine exposed bricks with water in the place of the corner.

Large rocks waterfalls

For those who don’t want to have simple and ordinary waterfalls, they can take this amazing idea of natural, rocks waterfall. My personal opinion is that any type of rocks (small, pebble, large) goes great in combination with water.

Waterfall with hidden lighting in the backyard place

This is the last idea about backyard waterfalls and for me, the most interesting. Hidden lighting, water and cement blocks can create an amazing corner in the yard. Feel free to share these ideas on social media and don’t be ashamed of sharing your comments with us.

backyard waterfalls

Photo via www.patch.com

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