You will never have a completely modern interior and exterior design if you don’t add beautiful flower pots that will be the home for your favourite flowers and plants. There are many different shapes and styles of flower pots and some of it we will show you hereinafter. Stay with us!

To be honest, I don’t think that there is a person in this world who don’t want to add large pots, vases and flowers in interior and exterior. If you need ideas for your own place, if you love flowers, scroll down and see the images to take inspiration from.

Discover ideas about tall floor vases for stylish interiors

Geometric flower pot for stylish exteriors

Geometric shapes used in interior and exterior design always gives the best design tricks. One amazing design is these geometric white flower pots that look wonderful.

Double flower pots for the exterior part of the house

Add white coloured ceramic flower pot with the shape of the letter V to wish welcome to all the guests that enter your house. Bring the charm and enjoy in the stunning decor you’ve created by yourself. See this photo that is my favourite of this post.

flower pots

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Illuminated flower planters for an outdoor place

Kill two birds with one stone, add illuminated pots and solve the problem with lighting in outdoor place. Walk in a syle on an amazing enlighted pathway and lovely flowers planted in modern flower pots.

Beautify the yard with modern pots

Arrange the tall planters in the driveway place and enjoy in nice design that you’ve created in an easy way. Find inspiration in this photo and steal the idea for your own house place. You deserve to live in a modern house with the best exterior design. Don’t you?

modern tall flower pots

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Beautiful hanging flower pot made of pallet

Hanging flower pots are also an excellent idea if you have a small yard and you want to save space. This idea is to do it yourself and this hanging planter box is made of pallets. Check these ideas about how to make pallet furniture for an outdoor place.

Tall square garden pots for inviting front door

Wood square tall vases are a perfect solution to beautify the outdoor part of the house. Draw inspiration from this photo and steal the idea for your own house place. Add two wooden squared next to the front door and wish welcome to all guests who are coming into your house place.

front door pots

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Ceramic flower pot to beautify the outdoor place

And this is the last idea for today and this article about adding modern flower pots in interior and exterior. The last idea is a ceramic irregular shape of ceramic vase or pot that you can use both indoor or outdoor. This is what I like the most with using these pots, you can replace it wherever you wish to.

flower pots

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