How great it would be all of us to have small and wooden cottages where we can spend or weekend time there with our family and friends. Place for our favorite food, favorite people and nature, it sound so great when all this is happening in such a small house with lovely interior. 

Stay with us to the end because we have to show you breathtaking small wooden cottages – something so nice! We will show you the exterior design but also you will have the chance to peek inside of the houses and to see the lovely interior design. 

Take a short glimpse in this breathtaking wooden cottage

In our first photo, you can see the ideal house where you can spend the weekend with your friends, family and colleagues. You will have the chnace to see the exterior part but also the interior part of the house. 

wooden cottages
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Mountain cabin

In our second photo you can see impressive design of mountain cabin house and to enjoy in nice design. 

mountain cabin
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Nice log homes

How great it would be to sleep here and to enjoy in nature, feeling relaxed and forgetting about your problems. I invite you to peek inside this house and to see what means to have lively interior decor. I wish to go there and to drink my morning coffee in this moment and what about you?

log homes
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Impressive wooden cottage 

I think that there is no person who wont love the idea to live here at least for one period in life. No internet and smart phones, just nature and modern log house, you and your partner, it sounds so perfect. 

wooden log houses
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Nice looking wood cottages

When we will see the interior design of some wooden logs we know that the inside is also great. This photo is the real proof for that, so take a short glimpse in it. 

wood cottage
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Another good design of mountain house interior/exterior

Mountain houses are nice for spending there all the free time you have. Perfect place to relax, to breath pure air, to forget about the city traffic and to get close to nature! See this lovely mountain house interior and exterior!

mountain houses
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Simple wood house design 

The simple design can make you wish to be here with hours, days… Take a look how great looks this small and simple house made of wood and even the inside is even more greater!

simple wood house design
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Splendid design

If you have noticed, the design of this interiors is made of old furniture because in this place there is no need for modern piece of furniture. Here, we need peace and nature nothing else. 

wood log house
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Well, we have seen so lovey wooden log house and now it’s time to go back and read our last post that is about how to choose the best geometric flower pots for your interior place. Thanks for your time my dear friends!

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