It’s great to have own garden and t take care for it, but what if you simply don’t have a place for that? In this case, you can reuse the place under the stairs and create there a mini garden that you will love and admire. And in this post, you can see some amazing ideas that will help you to create a mini garden at home that will be the home of your flowers and plants. Take a short glimpse!

Creative mini garden placed under the stairs

Add white rocks for the flooring of the indoor garden and place there your modern flower pots with the best plants and flowers in it. If you are still wondering how to do this and how it will looks, take a look in this photo. 

mini garden
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Add the flower pots under the stairs

under the stairs mini garden
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Create a lovely garden under the stairs

Get impression from this photo which is an example of modern home place. You can have this garden at your home and to enjoy in the flowers fragrant and plants. 

garden under the stairs
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Small indoor garden in the corner of the living room

Arrange the flowers on the corner of your living room and find motivation for your home place in the photo that we shared here to inspire you for sure. 

indoor garden
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Awesome indoor garden worth seeing or coping

The combination of stones, bricks and flower with pants will give you the best indoor garden that you have ever seen in life. Take a look in this photo to get an impression.

awesome design
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Under the stairs waterfall and stacked stone wall

Create a mini garden at home with an indoor waterfall that starts from eh stacked stone wall that is placed under the stairs at home. Feel free to take a short glance at this idea and to copy the same at your home. 

stacked stone walls and waterfall
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Impressive mini garden flooring with white rocks

Here is one great example of how to arrange the flower pots on the modern rocks flooring. Now it’s time to take a look in this photo and to find idea for your home place. 

impressive garden
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Small zen garden at home, an idea for you

Take a look in this ZEN garden that you can have it at home just if you use your imagination. Feel free to copy the idea for your home place and to take care for or flowers in the best way. 

amazing garden
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Marble small garden that you can create at home

If you have a chance to have this garden at home, this can be the look and design. And guess what? You can make the design by yurself and to enjoy in the smenature smeel of flowers and plants. Also, to complete the decor you can use rocks and pebbles. 

indoor garden
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