We all want to protect ourselves from neighbours and to have privacy in our outdoor place and at the same time to feel secure at home. the wrought iron gates are the perfect choice for that but not every person can afford it. So, if you want to save on money but still to have privacy in outdoors, the best choice for you is to use brilliant artificial grass as garden fencing! 

Check this link and find out how to create also a relaxing backyard seating area in easy way. But first check these photos and find motivation about how to replace the garden walls and door with grass! Spend great time with us and our team will be thankful for your attention!

Square Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Roll

As you can see in the photo here, this person is rolling the fence roll and applying to the fencing. this is really cool idea to beautify the outdoor place and in the same time to get good looking outdoor place. 

garden fencing
Photo via www.eamtab.co

Add the artificial fencing in the front yard of the house

Also add it in he backyard or front yard of the house and do what you want in your yard. you will be protected by this privacy and also no one will notice that the fencing is artificial. 

artificial fencing
Photo via www.apkpure.com

Outdoor artificial topiary hedges privacy plastic fake boxwood hedges for garden 

Apply the artificial hedge in each place of outdoor place. As you can see in the photo shared here, this is an interesting idea and it’s easy for applying. 

artificial fencing
Photo via www.imagenesmy.com

Create a shadow in backyard with this fencing roll of artificial grass

during the summer period we all want  to spend lovely period in outdoor place. sometimes this is impossible misison beacue the wather is so hot and we don’t have a shadow. but, with 

outdoor fencin
Photo via www.amazon.com
garden fencing
Photo via www.rf-connect.com

Apply the fencing in outdoor place 

Apply it in each space and each wall of the outdoor place. See how will look if you place it in the backyard place. Check photo now and tell your friends about this creative waly! I’m sure that they will love the idea!

grass walls
Photo via www.landscapefocused.tumblr.com

Replace the garden walls and door in outdoors

Replace the garden walls with artificial grass like this in the photo. Beautify the outdoor place and in the same way,apply the garden fencing in each space, in the garden, in the backyard, in front yard or in any other place. Take a look in the photo now and inspire yourself for your own outdoor place. 

garden fencing
Photo via www.umbrella.green

I hope that you will agree with me that these ideas are simple and cheap to replace the bricks walls in outdoor place. You will have grass and plants everywhere in the outdoor place, you will have privacy and you will be secure and protected in each period of the day and nights! Thank you for your attention and keep following us in future! 

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