Modern bunk bed design with storage is very smart ideas for the small bedroom. This type of bed allows two or more beds to occupy the floor and to save space. Allows better organization for clothes, books, make-up, TV storage and many other ideas. It offers an opportunity for creating two floors just with using a staircase.

Your small bedroom desperately needs these outstanding bunk bed design to blow your mind. If you have a little time, please also check spectacular bedroom design to find more inspiration for your bedroom place.

Bunk bed design with shelves and closet organization

Cool place for sleeping, place for your clothes and things you need to be gathered in one place – in a BUNK BED. Be always organized and find easily what you are looking for. Make the best organization with the help of a bunk bed.

Bunk Bed Design for a Couple With Shelves for Storage of Your Clothes

Here is one idea about how to use loft bed with storage. This bed is an amazing design for two, for a couple. Choose this cute bed instead of a bedroom.

Amazing bunk bed with shelves for teens

This idea is for teens. The coolest idea that can serve you for a small bedroom. You have two floors and staircases. On the first floor can create a small but cute living room and on the second floor, you have a bunk bed for sleeping.

Tiny and cute bedroom – Bunk bed

Create a tiny but sweet look to the sleeping room. Read your favourite book laying on a favourite bed. Save this idea for later.

Interesting Bunk Bed Design- Chinese style

Maybe you prefer Chinese style for bedroom? If yes, use this idea. I’m not sure if this can be a practical bed for those who have bad sleeping habits. However, it looks nice.

Italian girl’s bedroom creative furniture for teenagers

This loft bed design is an Italian girl’s design. It can be used as a teenage room for girls. As you can see in the following image, there is a place for everything! A place for the clothes, a place for towels… Be an organized person with the best choice!

Bunk bed with shelves for book lovers

This is the last image of this post. An idea and a solution for those who enjoy reading books. Make enough place for your books and buy this amazing bunk bed. What do you think, would you choose this bunk bed for your own room?

bunk bed

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At the end of this article, watch this video to see other amazing ideas about using a bunk bed at home. We offer you 30 photos more of the best space-saving bunk bed ideas used for small homes. Don’t miss it the best bunk beds! Thanks a lot for your attention! Share these adorable ideas with your friends and people you know!


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