Are you renovating your home? One of the best ways to open up your home to create space and natural light is to replace old, tired windows with a fresh set of new ones. 

Windows are your connections to the outside and provide sunlight and fresh air. Optimize your home’s space with the latest window design trends in valuable window styles and products.

Work with a Versatile Manufacturer 

Interior design trend forecasters are saying that big, bold windows with unobstructed views and clean minimal frames will be the popular choice in 2020.

Find a reliable manufacturer like Casa Bella Windows who has an extensive collection of window styles to choose from. The right company will provide the turnkey solution to your entire window needs, offer modern design, manufacturing, and installation services.

A versatile company will help you to achieve your creative and design goals within your home while maintaining the proper building and technical components to home renovation.  

If big and bold is what you’re looking for, open up your space with a beautiful sliding patio door. 

A sliding patio door with big glass windows is the perfect addition to any kitchen, family room, or any ground-level room.

They invite natural light into your home all throughout the year, all the while providing convenient access to the outdoors.

Look for a patio door with:

  • A raised rail to protect the door’s wheels from dirt and debris
  • Efficient division between the glass and aluminium reinforcement. This reduces the risks of condensation
  • A deep frame

The right manufacturer will offer styles and brands of all sorts so you can find the perfect patio door that suits your needs.

Invest in Smart, Eco-friendly Design

Today more than ever before, homeowners are conscious of the impact that their choices have on the environment. People also understand that eco- and environmentally-friendly design help keep their energy bills down and money in their pocket.

When it comes to interior design and what’s on trend, professionals opt for clever, beautiful design that promotes a green approach.

Replace old windows with high-quality, energy-efficient, Health Smart Certified™ and Energy Star® products. This ensures that the products you’re using have been approved by the government and have met industry standards regarding energy efficiency.

Always work with trained, licensed, and insured installers so that you can trust that they know exactly what they’re doing, and that proper installation is conducted. 

With proper installation and energy conserving windows you won’t have to worry about your utility bill reaching monumental heights. 

Coloured Window Frames

Although white will always be a classic, these days, interior designers are diversifying window frames by adding a splash of colour.

Colours such as black, grey, and darker shades of wood such as ivory or sandalwood give a room distinct personality. Get creative and mix and match your window frames with colour accents found in furniture and accessories.

Amplify your home’s beauty with new windows. Be sure to work with a trusted company that can offer you many solutions and products, add some colour, and always have the environment in mind.

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