Small kitchens can be tough to keep organized and clean, but don’t let a cramped space get you down! For today, I have some clever tips to maximize and make the most of your tiny cooking space.

The first step is to get rid of the things you don’t need. Here’s how:

  • Do you really need all of the appliances?

Kitchen gadgets can make your life easier, but in a limited space, they can be more trouble than they are worth. When deciding which one to keep or buy, remember that some tasks can be done with a knife or spoon!

  • Make your pans, pots and bowls multitask

The number of pans and pots will vary depending on your cooking style and how many people you are cooking for. Small pots and pans are not very useful, but the medium sized ones are ideal. The same is true for the frying pans and bowls. You can use the fruit bowl as a mixing bowl as well as a salad bowl too.

  • Check for duplicates

Make sure to get rid of the double items you have in your small kitchen to free up more space. The truth is that you will never need two blenders, cheese graters, etc.

  • Choose products with multiple uses

If you already have a hand mixer, you probably don’t need to buy a whisk. And if your dishes are both fridge and oven safe, you don’t need to have many plastic containers in your cabinets too. There are so many tools that can perform more than one function, so opt for such tools!

  • Limit bulky decors

Your small kitchen needs to be organized, clean and practical, which means there’s no place for huge cookie jars, large fruit bowls, etc. Choose interesting items, like fridge magnets or art for the walls, both will add interesting touches and won’t clutter the space.


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