Table setting decoration is a very important detail for your modern living room place. Maybe you are asking the question: What to add on the top of the table? Well, we have the answer to all your questions and we will give you through images. On the centrepiece for your table, you can add candles, flowers, glasses, modern vases with flowers, mason jars, candle holders, placemats. All these decorative elements are the standard for one table decoration and you can see it in the photos below and find inspiration for your own house place.

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Add candles for coffee table setting decoration

To create a lovely table decoration, we need candles, glasses, modern and cute holders for our candles, glass flower vase as you can see in this photo which is the first of this post.

table decor

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Add candles, flowers and glass holders on the table centrepiece

Whatever you choose to add on the table in your living room, never leave it empty. you can add flowers, it doesn’t mean that you strictly need a flower vase for that, you can add candles and if you don’t have holders you can reuse the old glasses.

table setting decor

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Add simple circular placemat on the table centrepiece and also add glass bowl flower vase

Simple and interesting idea that will help you in some way to decor your home in the best possible way. Feel free to copy the style in your home place.

Candles in the mason jars for home decor

If you don’t have candle holders you can reuse the old mason jars and to add it to the centre of your coffee table and to make the focus of the living room area.

Coffee cups and plates are the excelent choices for table decor

This is an impressive design of one dining room table but also the design can be the same for a coffee table decor settings. Find inspiration in this photo which I shared just to inspire you for sure.

Black coffee table with a flower vase on the centre

This is also one interesting idea which gives us an idea about simple design, my friends, simple design can also be a modern design.

Candles and flowers are the standard decorative elements for table decor

Isn’t this an example of cute and nice decor that every person will wish to copy in own home place? I think that this is the thing I need for my house place.

Wooden flower vase and mason jas candle holders

This is the last idea for today and you can have the chance to see the amazing idea that will help you to beautify the ambient of your house place. I hope that you’ve found inspiration in these photos which design I’ve chosen to inspire you and to appeal your attention. Thanks!

table setting decor

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