There are people who are never tired of making creative decorative elements for their outdoor or indoor place. If you are some of this kind of person, we offer you creative DIY garden pathways that will beautify the outdoor place of your house. Take a look in the following cool DIY garden pathways that anyone can master it! Check the here in after photos, follow the link below the photo and learn how to make an amazing walkway in no time.

How to make lovely garden pathways of lace and tiles

If you have old laces and crochet and you don’t use it anymore reuse it for making a lovely outdoor path. Add the lace on the stone for creating one great decorative pathway in garden place. For more details about this project check the instruction on this link 

In this photo, we give you an opportunity o see the final project that you can do it yourself.

DIY garden pathways of tree logs

Be creative, include your friends or family members in the project and make this amazing outdoor flooring.

Look how looks the final project in this photo. If you want to make this project check the link below and find clear instructions for that.

Do it yourself garden pathway of glass wine bottles

Don’t throw the old plastic and glass bottles but reuse it for making interesting crafts. One craft is exactly this walkway in outdoor place. Choose the colour you wish to and make this project for the backyard, front yard and garden.

Choose blue wine bottles for a lovely outdoor walkway in the raised garden bed. The colour is not so important as the idea.

Garden pathway do it yourself idea with wood bricks and rocks

Use wood bricks and stones for making a lovely outdoor walkway. Square wooden bricks will give the outdoor place one authentic look that will wish welcome to your guests which are walking on it. Take a look and find inspiration.

DIY concrete leaf path in a garden place

Concrete leaves look great in outdoor place especially looks great if it’s made by yourself. All you need are frames and concrete material for making this project. But if you have something unclear please check this link below this photo.

An amazing idea about DIY bricks walkway/pathway

One great material for garden pathways are exactly the bricks. Bricks are cheap, easy for making a decoration with it. Check the link below this photo and learn how to make your own garden pathway in no time that you will adore it. For the end of this post, I want to thank you for your attention and if you want you can also check about DIY lampshades for home decor. Share these nice ideas with the people you love and we will be thankful for doing that!


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