Hello hello, dear friends. If you are a creative person and you have little free time for this summer period you probably will wish to learn new ideas. Today we will show you cool reusing of old wine barrels and you have a task to see the ideas now and also to share it with friends. Spend some minutes with us and learn interesting things and reuse ideas. 🙂 Be creative!

Also, read about cute furniture idea for kids room place and fins some new design for your home place. )f course if you have little children, if you are alone, see these crafts and make these ideas for your yard.

Reusing the old wine barrels and making nice chandelier

In the first photo we will give you idea about how to make cheap and easy chandelier and to bring the light in your interior place. in this way, you will give new life to the old things in outdoors and also modern home lights.

old wine barrels
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Wine barrel coffee table for living room design

In the second photo you will see idea about how to make the perfect small coffee table for interior place. In this photo you will see again reuse of the old barrels and I hope you will make this thing in interior place.

coffee table
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In the third idea you will see modern bathroom units

Now in the third photo, you will see how to make the best furniture for the bathroom unit. Take a look in the photo now and find some useful idea for your home place. ENJOY!!!

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Save the space in garden with wine barrel planter

In the next photo, you will see how to plant green plants and flowers in the old wine barrel. I invite you to see the design now and to learn how to save space in the yard and at the same time to plant the best flowers here. One half from the barrel you can use to plant your plants and the other to make some other craft for the indoor or outdoor place. Take a look in the photo now and find motivation in it.

one half barrel reuse
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Dining room cute table made again from the old wine barrels

We will finish this post with dining room table made from the old wine barrels again. Please take a look in the photo now and try to fins some ideas for your house place. By the way, please share the ideas with dear friends and inspire them too.

wine barrel table
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I hope that you will try to make some of these crafts in your outdoor place, be kind to take photo shot and to share some photo of the old wine barrels reuse. Thank you so much for your attention and keep following us in the near future!!!

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