An outdoor living space is something that many people across the country crave. In fact, the existence of it can move them enough to purchase a home simply on the fact they will have that yard space. But what’s the secret to creating a yard space that isn’t just outdoor space but true outdoor living? Outdoor living allows you to relax, socialize and entertain in it, create that oasis vibe, and take your yard to the next level. 

What it comes down to is blending décor and design with the natural landscape and garden features. Not sure how to achieve that perfect blend? Here are some tips that can help.

Think About Your Design Style and Plan

A great place to start is by thinking about your design style and plan. How do you want to be able to use the outdoor living space? Do you want to include an outdoor kitchen, a dining table with plenty of chairs, an informal seating arrangement with outdoor chairs and couches, or maybe you want large lounge chairs to create an area for sunning yourself.

Once you’ve decided how you plan to use the space, it will make the next steps clearer.

Give Thought to Your Landscaping

Next, it’s time to think about how your landscaping can fit in with your outdoor living plan. You want the two elements to work together, not be in competition with each other. For example, let’s say you want to build a large gazebo in a corner of your yard. Surrounding it with greenery and brightly colored flowers can make for a picturesque scene. The two are working together, complementing one another, rather than being two separate entities.

Think How Plants and Trees Can Provide Energy Restoring Benefits

Now here’s something that may not have crossed your mind, but again it will help to create the outdoor oasis you are striving for. Did you know that the landscaping you choose can help to provide energy restoring elements in your outdoor living space concept? 

Just imagine how a large tree can help to provide shelter from sun and wind; how hedges placed in the right area will act as a privacy fence; or even planting climbing vines on a pergola or arch can provide a sense of calmness and beauty.

Understand Whatever You Plan Now Will Grow Quickly

If you’ve never been much of a gardener or landscaper, then there’s also a chance you don’t fully appreciate just how quickly everything will grow and expand. As you plan your various gardens, trees, and greenery to enhance your outdoor living space, make sure you give room for growth. Look into how big each item will become, and think about placement and how that could interfere with things such as a seating area, other trees and bushes, and even the amount of sun/shade that it will offer. 

The Ultimate Way to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Learning how to marry landscape design with an outdoor living concept is what will truly give you the results you’re after.

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