People who live in an apartment have no yard and no place for creating a garden. But there is some way to take care of flowers and to pay attention to gardening. One way is to choose one corner of the apartment or small house and to create a small indoor garden there. I really love the idea of having an indoor garden because in this place I can grow my flowers even in the winter period.

If you are still wondering how to create an indoor garden, have a look in these photos and copy the style for your own house place. Please take a look in our amazing wooden decks that will leave you mesmerized.

Small indoor garden in narrow long space

Lovely idea about how to decorate the narrow space at home and to create a tiny garden that you will admire. Please also read our post about how to choose the suitable design for outdoor narrow and long spaces.

Indoor tiny garden and seating area

If you live in a small house without a yard or in an apartment, you can still have a garden like this. There is no problem to plant flowers and plants inside the house, but remember, never sleep in that room.

Indoor pergola and seating area

In the following photo, we can see the adorable design of a wooden bench and pergola. It doesn’t matter if the design it’s indoor or outdoors you can create a place like this where you will spend free hours.

Zen garden in indoor narrow space

We need a place for relaxation, a place for feeling the smell of our flowers. We need an indoor garden that we will love every day of our life.

Creative design of a small garden

Open the glass door and you will see an amazing combination of rocks and plants. Have a glimpse in the photo below and find motivation for your own house place.

Vertical wall garden

Why not have a garden on house walls? Take a look in the photo and think about this question and of course, find the answer if not in this photo in the following ones.

Creative tiny garden design

Carefully take a look in this photo and think about copy the style for an indoor place. Lovely, isn’t it?

Stacked stone wall and indoors garden

Create a garden in any corner of house place. The following phoot is proof that you can have a lovely garden, but where? In indoor corners, of course!

Creative balcony garden

The last idea is about how to add the old ladder in the balcony place and to create a vertical garden of flower pots. Be an organised person with the best possible ideas about home and exterior design. Keep following our creative page in future and keep sharing the posts with friends. thanks a lot for reading this, you are and you will be OUR FAVORITE READERS!

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