In China, living in a cave is a normal way of living and millions of people make a home and choosing a modern cave house design. In this, I found inspiration to show you one creative cave house design in Loess Plateau, China. Some people call this design the best design of this year, 2018. The outdoor design of the cave is fantastic and the interior design is eye-catching. A house, perfect for watching and comfortable for living in.

Rural people deserve a modern life and ample modern facilities”says one hyper City architect that completely have changed the look of the cave.  

Cave House Design Exterior

At first, this cave was a traditional Chinese cave house. Later gets upgraded by famous architects. The cave design has completely changed and turned from traditional and old-fashioned home into a modern home.

cave house design in China

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Cave Living Room Design

Sitting in this living room you have the chance to see the adorable backyard place, as a part of the cave. See how one door can decide about a house look.

Cave Bedroom Design

In the cave, there was a lack of light so the problem was saved by this creation of circular glass light. Interesting idea that refreshes the cave and makes looking incredible.

Cave house floor plan

Here is the floor plan of the cave. As we can see, there are two bedrooms, one kitchen and dining room, one bathroom and one entryway. Interesting free plan for those who prefer living in a cave instead of living in a house on two or more floors.

floor plan

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Cave Front Door Design

One cool old-fashioned door that looks perfect. This is the best design for this year. Do you like it?

front door

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Cave Bedroom Design With Sliding Door

Can you sleep in a bedroom like this one? The old-fashioned design and black and white TV made me think about and wondering if this interior design is one of the tops for this year. But architects have an answer to this question. They say that living in a village should differ of living in a city and that’s the reason to keep some of the old-fashioned design in the interior.


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Cave Back Part Exterior Design

The backyard flooring is grey tiles and about the door made of wood looks incredible. In the following image, you will have chance to see the landscaping in the backyard, don’t miss it.

Backyard coffee table and landscaping

In the backyard, there is wonderful landscaping with planted tree and modern hidden lighting. the coffee table is small, old-fashioned design but still I love it! Drink coffee or tea here with your family looks like a paradise!

For the end of this post I really want to know can you live in a cave for all life? Tell me in writing a comment below this post and let me know your opinion. Please also check about story house design that simply looks nice.


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