Winter is coming to my dear friends! Get ready for cold winter days with our DIY giant knit blanket idea that you can finish only for 45 minutes!  You can use this blanket to cover yourself while drinking morning coffee while eating breakfast and dinner at home, you may use it as a rug for flooring or also make a dog bed. Read this post to the end and see all of these interesting and useful ideas.

Follow this link to read the full instructions about how to make this in your free time.

DIY giant pink knit blanket

Warm yourself and have no problem to enjoy in cold days. Make something that you will love and use for your house place.

DIY knitted rug for home flooring

I have another idea for you again knitted! As you can see in the following image you can make a rug and not just a blanket to warm yourself. Be creative and spend your free time in the best possible way!

Dog bed made by yourself

When you will finish your project and you have prepared for the summer, take care for your pets- dog or cat. You can make a lovely warm bed for your lovely friend. Inspire yourself in the following photo. If you have a cat then you know how cats adore playing with wool, you will make them happy! Be happy to have this craft in your room!

Chunky hand DIY giant knit blanket idea that will warm you

If you live with family or partner, make a DIY giant knit blanket that will cover your both. Find inspiration in this photo and show this idea to your partner to impress her/him.

Choose your favourite wool colour and start with knitting

You can play with wool and making interesting crafts for your home. Mine favourite is the idea in this post, something useful and money saving. White, pink or blue, which of these three colours would you choose??? Tell us in a comment below this post, we would love to know.

DIY knit blanket

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Drink your coffee while you are covered in a sweet and cosy blanket

Drink morning coffee without getting off the bed, just prepare the coffee and come back in your bed where your GIANT KNIT BLANKET is waiting for you!!! If you need ideas about wood walls in the house, please follow this link that will inspire you for sure.

Use the blanket when having breakfast in the morning – Insta idea

We get up early and the room is cold, but we must eat our breakfast and after going to work. For this period of the day, you can use your blanket that you have made it by yourself. Warm yourself, eat healthy food and ENJOY in life because life is SHORT! In the following photo, you can also see one amazing decor of the dining room, simple but adorable!

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