One of the most important decorative elements for home decor is tall floor vases that are home for your favourite flowers. There is no person in this world who don’t want to have a modern house interior filled with flowers and plants. In the hereinafter photos you will have an opportunity to see some amazing tall floor vases that you will wish to have at home.

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White square tall flower vases on the kitchen floor

Decorate the kitchen flooring with amazing floor vases in white colour. Find inspiration in this photo where you see at the moment one adorable vase with a white orchid in it. Simply amazing!

floor vases

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Geometric flower vase for bedroom floor decor

Decorative elements are an essential part of interior design. Geometric shape vase is one great choice for making a home the place to be. Take a look in this photo that will inspire you how to design the bedroom floor.

White tall flower vase for a living room floor

Here you have a chance to see another cool vase for the living room, but this time the shape isn’t square but tall vase with a hole. Take care that your interior will have the best modern design that you will adore it.

floor vases

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Two circular glass flower vases that will beautify the house floor

But if you don’t prefer to have a white home design, check the black vases that are presented in this photo. As you can see glass, circular, black vases give your entryway an elegant look that will wish welcome to all of your guests. If you don’t really want to add it to the floor, you can add it to a small table right there, in the entrance hall.

Interesting crochet covered flower vases design

During the winter time, we need a lot of crochet ideas at home and one idea is about crochet vase covering. This can do it yourself idea if you have enough free time and experience in knitting.

Tall red flower vases with a hole for a living room

Giving red accent to home place is never a bad choice but otherwise is clear 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. Take a look in this amazing red flower vase with a hole.

Stylish red flower vases that look amazing

Tall red flower floor vases will make you have an amazing home flooring. Enjoy in red passion ambient that you’ve created with our helpful ideas.

Geometric gold floor vases for an amazing home

Add gold accent in home design and don’t be afraid what other people will say. It’s enough for you to love the home design and to enjoy living in a modern house. Thanks for being our faithful readers and hope you will continue to be in future!


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