Recycle the plastic bottles for making a garden decoration crafts or for making wonderful and amazing DIY plastic bottle house. The house that we are going to show you in the following is a house made in Nigeria. Thousands of people came to this place e just to find out how is possible to make a plastic bottle house and to recycle the bottles in the most creative way. Read this post to the end and see how you can repurpose recycled bottles in a creative way and follow our website in the future where we will show you another idea about Eco-friendly homes.

Recycled DIY plastic bottle house built by Nigerians

As I mentioned in the introduction, the first house made of reusing old plastic bottles was made in Nigeria. For making this project (single story house) these creative needed 7.800 bottles and they gathered from restaurants, hotels and many homes. If they wanted to make a double story house they will be needed 14.00 bottles. This is proof that you don’t have to be rich to make one DIY project, all you need is to use your brain, to have an idea and to find the material. The rest is easy, just find some people that will help you in the project and finish it for only a few days. After finishing the project you can gather inside the house and have dinner to celebrate about the house you have made with recycled plastic bottles and for a short period of time!

Why living in an eco-friendly home is good for you?

Living in an eco-friendly home is good for you because plastic bottles helps to neutralize the negative energy that you feel. Having no opportunity to choose of the modern designed house, these Nigerian people decided to live a happy life in a DIY plastic bottle house made by themselves with an effort and creativity.

Teamwork is of the highest importance

When people work in a team succeed great results, such in the case in this project. People who live in Nigeria can’ afford to live in a modern designed house so they must use their creativity and t make a place for living by themselves. There are a lot of Nigerians included in the project and in the end, the project is finished and you will see the full house at this end of this post.

The final result of the DIY project

At the end of this post, it’s time to see the final result of the project. We must agree that this is the perfect solution for people who live in a poor area and have no opportunity to choose about the house design. Next time when drinking a water in a bottle think about not throwing the bottle but recycle it and make some amazing do it yourself decoration. I hope you like this post, please share it with your friends and inspire them.

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