In the period of Christmas time, we can make different things and crafts to decorate our home and outdoor place. For example, we can make DIY cardboard boxes fireplace and decorate our home in an easy and great way. Ideas like these you will see hereinafter and you have to stay our follower to the end of the post to check carefully all photos.

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An amazing way to reuse cardboard that we all have in our home. We can arrange it in a way to form a fireplace, next to apply white paper on it, and the third step is to add red paper. We can add the Christmas tree next to the fireplace and enjoy our crafts!!!

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Cardboard boxes fireplace that we can make in our free time. If you don’t have a fireplace at home that is real but you can make it with using the cardboard boxes at home and adore the craft. Follow the link below the photo to learn how to make this in your own home.

cardboard boxes fireplace
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DIY fireplace with cartoons and enjoy in nice ambient at home. Take a look at the third photo of this post and find some ideas in your head to make it in your free time.


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In the next photo, you can see how to combine the lights here and the cardboard boxes. We can be so creative and make crafts at home with cartoons.

cartoons fireplace
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