We all want to have modern walls and ceilings in our homes instead of white blank walls that looks boring. There is many choices and we can have different ceiling design in each room of the house. If you are in dilemma how to design the walls of your home and the ceiling and to choose the best design, take a look in these false ceiling decoration with CNC.

Stay with us and share the ideas with your friends who are also in plan to redesign their house walls decoration. Also spend some time to read about how the new system of HVAC works at your home, just follow this link for more. 

False ceiling decoration with lighting

The false ceiling or also known as CNC go great with combination of LED lighting or hidden lights. One perfect combination of these twpo things we have to show you in the photo here. 

false ceiling decoration
Photo via www.amazingarchitecture.net

CNC ceiling designs, photo collage 

In the second photo we have chosen to show you a photo collage where you can see great example of CNC ceilings. Take a look and choose at least one for your home ceiling. 

ceiling design
Photo via www.genmice.com

Nice CNC false ceiling decor for any ceiling of your house

Any ceiling of your home place can be beautified with CNC. In the phoot here you can see great example of CNC ceiling placed in the entrance hall. 

Photo via www.dailylists.co

Square false ceiling design with lighting

Every false lighting can make the house llooking great and when there is acombination of the lights like LED the result is tunning!

Photo via www.decorlighting.port-media.org

Modern lgihting combined with false ceiling

Your flase ceiling can start from one side of the ceiling and to end to ther side of the ceiling. So, you will have perfect design to the whole ceiling. 

Photo via www.dailylists.co

This is the same design of the ceiling but shown from another perspective. Take a look. 

Photo via www.filmfanreview.com

Modern ceiling design, false

Gypsum boards can be used in many differnt ways and shapes. One great way to use the gupsym board is this in the photo here. 

Photo via www.caredecor.com

Divided ceiling lighting ideas on the ceiling

You can divide the light in many pieces like it’s example here in the photo. Take a short glance here in the photo and find idea for your home. 

Photo via www.3dexart.com

Circular ceiling lighting with gupsym board decor

Combine the gupsym board with the LED lights and create one modern ceiling decoration. For more infomration, check the photo here or follow the link below the photo and see other extra ceiling designs. 

Photo via www.strawberryperl.org

Your hall can have the best false ceiling

The very last idea is about the ceiling design of any large hall. If you don’t have any hall like this you can copy the design for your living room place. Why not? Thinks about it or at least share the ideas with your friends. 

ceiling decor
Photo via www.caredecor.com

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