How often you read books and in which way, can tell a lot about you or in most cases can tell EVERYTHING about you. People who often read books are smart, have a nice personality and a full vocabulary. Is good to know which book you have already read and which one you will read in the future. You can have different fancy bookshelves for every type of book and to have an organized room.

So, if you are a person like this, you enjoy reading books, check these amazing and fancy bookshelves. Maybe you also need some ideas about kitchen shelving units, click here and see incredible ideas.

The most creative bookcase

A unique wooden bookshelf that will be the centre of your amazing room. Choose it.


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Interesting wooden bookshelf idea

Its great to have a large home library filled with books, but if you don’t have so many books maybe this is suitable for your house walls. These are the best wooden wall bookshelf for organizing the books you need for faculty, etc.

Creative bookshelf idea to save you space at home

I respect people who spend a lot of time reading books. In case if their house or apartment is small there is also a place for books organization. This is an idea about how to use the space above the bed for nice organization and storage.


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Letter A bookshelf for kids room

Letters as a bookshelf are an excellent choice for child’ room. If you choose this you will motivate your children to learn the letters and to organize the books he needs for school.

Built-in wall tree shape bookshelf

Built-in wall shelf has always been my favourite part of the interior decor. Save space in your small house by choosing this design and make your room walls the best walls of the house.

Wooden bookshelves inspiration for a book readers

Wooden shelves are great and they can beautify every house wall. This is creative ideas for students, kids, adults or seniors. Is great for anyone!

Bookshelf designed by Kemal Yıldırım

Modern design that offers you perfectly organization for the favourite books you have in the house. Show your guests how smart person you are and also lend them some book for their free time.

simple wooden shelves

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A reading chair with bookshelves

If you spend all your free time reading but you want to save time for standing and searching books, the books can be close to you. Your option can be a reading chair with shelves where you can enjoy, relax and pick up some book to boost the vocabulary.

Fancy bookshelves on the wall, letters

Letters are great to organize your books in a creative way. Here is how your house wall can look like if you choose the words to read. Use this idea for any wall of your house.

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