People who have small outdoor place tend to save space in every possible way. In this post, we offer you one space-saving idea about adding built-in planter for flowers instead of adding large flower pots around. Wooden decking is an excellent choice for backyard flooring and adding wooden benches with built-in planters will save you space and will give additional beauty to the outdoor space.

Upgrade your outdoor place with these amazing built-in planter ideas, check it out! Visit our website where you can find amazing ideas about interior and exterior design.

Wooden Tiles flooring with planter tree in the middle

Find a cool place to plant your tree, plant in the middle of the backyard, garden, courtyard flooring. You don’t need flower pots that are large in size and bother you. This is an amazing idea that you will surely want to share it with friends or to copy the style.

Garden seating area with concrete flower bed

Built-in benches ar cool idea for one garden and using the same solution for your flowers will give you one contemporary design of outdoor space. Use this idea to design your garden place in the same way and to enjoy the decor every day!

Seating area planter for your flowers

Plant a lot of flowers and trees in your garden place and forget about your problems, simply be happy. Just pay attention to find a suitable place for the flowers, for example, you may use built-in wooden benches planter. Save this photo on your desktop and in the springtime take care for your garden place, make it similar like this one! Why not?

Wooden decking with a bench and boxes built-in planter

How great is the feeling to sit on a wooden bench like this and to drink your favourite coffee? The feeling is amazing, fantastic, indescribable! This is one cool, space-saving idea that you may use to upgrade the outdoor place.

nice idea

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Built-in planter in the bench of wooden deck flooring

Look at these modern planters that will keep your flowers fresh and will give your outdoor place fascinating look. How great it would be to sit on a bench and to see a lot of flowers behind you. I must say that this is my choice if I renew my garden design, concrete is not my choice.

Wonderful deck flooring with planted flowers

Deck edges can look amazing with delightful planters filled with flowers. What do you think, is this suitable idea for your own outdoor place? Tell us in a comment, we would like to know!


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Concrete planter for your green trees and colourful flowers

For the end of this post, we will give you another idea about concrete planter for your flowers. Your task is to thin about which idea to choose, the wooden or the concrete planter for planting flowers there. Tell us in a comment which is your choice, hm?

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