Adding golden elements as a decoration at home place is one smart idea that will help you in creating a modern interior design. The beauty of golden decorative elements motivate me to write this post which is very inspiring and you can get a lot of ideas from it. So, I invite you to spend a few minutes, to read the full post and to find out how to decorate your home in a modern way. You will see ideas about the living room and also for the dining room, as the centre of your house place.

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Adding a golden table and a golden chandelier in the dining room

In the very first photo of this post, you can see a golden dining table and chandeliers which makes this room to look glamorous and modern. When I saw this photo it ruined my heart even for the first time.

gorgeous design

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Add gold accent in the living room

You can make a lot of gold combination in your house place, especially in the living room area. Add gold accent table in the most visited room of the house, add chandelier with gold accent, but also combine these elements with other design of the room.

Gold accent chairs, gold table and gold wall racks

Lovely gold table lamp, table holder, wall racks with gold colour, and also gold chairs. This is an excelent example of one modern room. Take a look in the photo below and draw inspiration from.

Elegant green and gold combination

Green and gold colours give you one special combination to design your house place. Take a look in the photo below and find motivation for our own house place.

A modern design of the dining room

What lovely design of the dining room which is the centre of this house, this is the thing that your house badly needs.

interior design

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Combination of blue and gold

Combination of dark and light blue and gold colours makes one living room to look wonderful. Take a look in this photo which is an example of modern design.

Nice gold accent in a living room place

One living room can be nicely designed with using the same colour, gold. Gold chandelier and table are enough for creating one sensational room design. Come on, check this photo which is a great example of modern design.

Dining room gold table

And for the end of this post, take a look at a modern gold dining table that looks so amazing. I hope that you’ve found useful ideas in this post and you will try to copy the design in your own house place. Thanks for your attention and share these ideas with friends and people you know!

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