Welcome to the best post from this week, post full of house decor with wood. Wood can be reused in a million ways, but we will only share a few ideas. We will show you indoor stairs wooden and made from logs, the kitchen made from firewood and logs and the ideas are stunning!!!

Wooden stairs in interior made from logs

We will start this post with wooden logs interior stairs and you have a task to see this photo and to find some idea for your house place.

house decor
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Wood made kitchen cabinet

As I mentioned in the introduction from this post, creative people can find suitable place for the wood at home. To be used for the stairs or for the kitchen will be our decision and that’s why we just offer you few ideas.

kitchen cabinet from wood
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To have rustic kitchen at home means to be happy

Rustic wooden kitchens are a great choice for house interior and don’t be scared to use the idea for your house place. Scroll down to see this idea that we have to share with you right now.

rustic kitchen
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Marble brown kitchen cabinet design and idea

In the following photo, you will see kitchen coffee and home bar that every person needs in the kitchen place. Especially its god to have this design in house place and to be proud of it. With a kitchen like this you will cook in a style, don’t you think the same as me?

kitchen bar
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Rustic kitchen design with bricks and wood

In this photo, you will see nice combinations of bricks for the kitchen walls and wood for the kitchen island. If you feel scared to use this idea for your modern home, you can use for the villa where you spend your weekend and holiday time. The chairs in this rustic bar are made from wine barrels and will give another appearance to the house design.

rustic bar
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Rustic wooden interior kitchen design

We will finish this post with nice rustic wooden kitchen bar and cabinet and you will have the chance to see the idea now. I invite you to take a look in the photo now and to finish this post in a cool way. We started with a nice idea to finish this post with a nice idea! This was the last idea from the post so take a look in it and choose from all the photos the best for your house place!!!

rustic wood interior
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