The title of this post is enough inspiring to make you scroll down to the end of the article. Kitchen islands and home bars are the centres of one home. For this reason, make sure that you have the best kitchen design or if don’t is time to change it.

These are the 10 luxury and trend kitchen design ideas for this year, 2018, check the images! Also, check about how and where to add hidden lighting in the space of your modern home! Thanks!

The best kitchen island design for 2018

Seating home bar for 4 people, modern layout with a combination of tall chairs. Create nice ambient and this choice will definitely help you to succeed in doing that.

kitchen island

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The unique shape of one trendy kitchen bar, 2018

A kitchen island is a thing that beautifies the kitchen room and gives special look to the same. This modern design is not just beautifying the space but also is practical and functional.

Carved kitchen island with storage shelves

Creative organization of plates and glasses in one good kitchen design. Make the centre of this room the most beautiful part of the kitchen. Choose this idea and be the most organized person in the world!

Cool design for one kitchen layout, the trend for this year

In this photo, we can see something simple, nice looking and practical. Don’t think twice for choosing this design because you can’t make a mistake!

Modern kitchen island with breakfast nook

Breakfast seating nooks are very special and a need in every kitchen place. What is cool is that in this case, we can save space and still to have the best kitchen in the world. Don’t you think so?

Curved line – Pedini – Dune – Kitchen islands

Choose this because an ordinary kitchen is out of trend and you are surely one modern person!

An Italian kitchen carved sink with island

Italian cuisine design is always the best choice. People there love tasty recipes and enjoy in a modern place for preparing it. See this images that show you the beauty of one interior!

Circular kitchen layout

Circular layout is not a bad choice at all, this photo is on the list of the best kitchen islands for 2018. Circle shelves afford you to organize the kitchen stuff in the best possible way.

Carved kitchen home bar with a place for eating

Excellent idea for married couples. Great place for preparing dinner with your partner and eating in the same place with no need for going out into restaurants. Cooking together make you feel happier and closer to your loved one.


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Cube shaped and modern design of one cooking room

At the end of this article, you have the chance to see a cube-shaped design that is one OUTSTANDING design we should all admire! I definitely love this style, so I will think about changing the kitchen design from now!

modern kitchen island

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