There is no person who hasn’t think at least once to live in wooden cottages with modern interiors or to spend the weekend in houses like these. If you haven’t think about this and haven’t wished the same thing, probably you haven’t seen our photos of interior design. The design of this interior is splendid especially during the winter period and cold days when the snow is snowing and you are drinking hot tea seating next to the fireplace. In the following, we will present you in short the design of all rooms that are part of one wooden cottage.

I invite you to read the full post, to go through images and to see how one modern small cottage can look like. Read about attic bedroom ideas, the last post shared on our amazing website.

The exterior design of wooden cottages

Small wooden cottages are great for relaxation and rest during the free weekend and holidays. This in the photo is the exterior part of the log house and if you are curious about the interior design, please take a look in the following images.

wooden cottages

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 Bedroom design of one small wooden cottage house

Bedroom design in a log house can be splendid like this in the photo. First of all, the wooden wall makes this place adorable and two lamps on both sides of the bed.

wooden cottages

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Modern living room area in a log house

From the bedroom let’s go the living room design. The design of a living room looks impressive and when you just climb up through the steps you will see other great design but in this post, we will not show you. Follow us in future and you will see!!!

Kitchen and dining room design of a wooden log cottage

We have seen the design of the bedroom and living room an now let’s go to another room, in the dining room and kitchen. What a lovely design where I can spend all the winter holidays. I love the idea of cooking and eating in this place and what about you?

Bathroom design in a small cottage

And we must mention the bathroom as a part of this house. Bathroom in a wooden house is made with wood walls and it has the same design as a rustic bathroom. Take a view in this photo which will make you think about buying one house like this.

bathroom design

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Fireplace design in the centre of a wooden cottage

We have seen about a bedroom, living room design, dining room and kitchen design and also about the bathroom design. Seating around the fireplace during the cold days is one of the most impressive feelings that will help you to relax and forget about the problems. As you can see around the fireplace there are two seating chairs for you and our partner. With this photo, we will finish this post but keep following us in future for MORE IDEAS!

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