We can’t live our windows uncovered at home but we need lovely curtains here. The following curtains are part of modern homes and hope you will spend a few minutes from your free time to check it out.

In short, you will see different colored curtains, different designs, and creations for living room and bedroom windows treatments. You have a task to scroll down, to check the photos carefully and to choose the best for your home. Enjoy!

Combination of gold and white colors for curtains and windows covering

In the first photo from this post, we can see gold and white colors for curtains in a home place. We can cover our bedroom or living room windows with this design. See the decor now and think if this is suitable for your home too!

lovely curtains
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Lovely curtains are looking like this

In the second photo from this post, we can see white and green curtains which can help us in creating one modern home decor. This is the thing you have to see and copy the idea for home if your favorite color is green. If not, check the other photos also.

green and white curtains
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Cream-colored curtains for special and luxury home look

If you want my opinion about this, I think that cream-colored curtains are great choice and can be combined in almost every home. This is what you need to bring in a living room area and creating one special and modern look. Without curtains, our home looks empty and we can never enjoy in full design.

cream colored curtains
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Sensational and lovely curtains with purple flowers on it

In the next photo you will see nice curtains with purple flowers on it that will give you one sensation design at home. This is great if your home has already purple accent.

purple flower
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In the next photo what we can see is pink curtains which aren’t a great choice for the living room. I think that they are excellent for the bedroom place. Let’s spend some time and see this incredible great design.

pink curtAINS
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Lovely maroon curtains in violet colors

In the next photo and the last photo from this post, we can see violet-colored curtains and great choice for bedroom place. Come on, see the last photo from our post and choose the best photo and idea from it.

purple window treatment
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