People love the idea of adding rocks in outdoor place and making the best decoration just of rocks, in this case, gabions. And we as a team love to give you the best decorating ideas for indoor and outdoors and to inspire you. This time, our idea is lovely gabion decor that you will wish to have in your own outdoor place.

I want to tell you in short about our amazing ideas for today. In the following, you will see how to make a spiral garden of gabions, a fence that will protect the house, perfect flower pots and flower stands, a place for the fireplace in the outdoor seating area. And to be honest, all ideas are fascinating. So, now, stay where you and prepare a coffee for you and then let’s check the following images together.

Spiral vegetable garden of gabion

Create a lovely outdoor spiral garden just by using rocks like gabions. You can have this garden and to plant there your favourite flowers, herbs or even vegetables. Be a creative and organized person with our amazing ideas that follow.

Outdoor fireplace gabions

Make a place for the fireplace in the outdoor place. Copy this style and enjoy in the most amazing outdoor seating area. In this design, you also have a fireplace but at the same time, you have the retaining wall that protects you.

Gabion basket fountain

This is also one cool idea about how to decorate the outdoor place with gabions and water. Feel free to copy this idea for your own outdoor place and to create a place that you will love.

gabion basket fountain

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Awesome flower pots made of rocks

Use rocks for making flower vases and pots, steal the idea from the photo below. And by the way, if you have enough rocks you can also make a stand for your nice creation.

Amazing combination of gabion and wood for fence

Protect the outdoor place with a lovely combination of rocks and wood. This is the thing you need to have privacy in the outdoor place of your house. Don’t you think so?

An outdoor fence of wood and gabion stones

The design of this fence is similar to the previous photo but as you can see here are much more added the gabions instead of wood material. Gabion decor can be also used in the interior part of the house, but we will try to show you ideas like that in near future.


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Gabion decor outdoor retaining wall

Add gabions for the outdoor wall decoration but also make a built-in bench there. Seat there with hours, read a good book, drink coffee, scroll on your phone and of course read our posts. For the end of this post, our team on the website Decor Inspirator wishes you to have a nice start of the week and to keep following us this week!

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