At the end of the week, we are here to give you designing ideas and tips. We can have the best interior and exterior light just if we are smart and save this idea on our desktop or phone. I’m talking about magnificent candle holders that are perfect for the floor in the balcony or in indoors. This is also the title of this post and we will give you 5 and even MORE ideas like this!!!

Be with us and spend your free time in a quality way, in a way to look for new ideas about interior design.!!!

Wrought iron candle holders for the floors in outdoor balcony areas

In the first photo, we can see lovely balcony flooring light and this is what we need to create one special design here. Take a look at the very first photo from the post now.

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Wrought iron in combination with glass for adding here the candles

in the next photo we can see how to combine the glass with the wrought iron and here to add the candles. Also, we can add hanging lighting bulbs and complete the decoration, Keep busy and see the photo now.

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Cool and wooden floor standing candle holder

In the third photo, we can see wooden holders for all the candles you have at home. This is perfection and a nice decorative element for the home place. Take a look at it and find inspiration and please also check the other photos that we will share with you, my dear and lovely friends.

wooden holders
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Tall candle holders for the home place

Your holders for all candles at home can have this design and you can be the proudest person in the world for having such a great design there. Come on, spend some time to see the photo now and find inspiration from it.

candle holders
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Impressive holders for all those candles in the house place

We have to show you again nice holders that you can put on the interior stairs and to bring the modern light at home place. Find some idea in the photo that follows now. I feel sorry to tell you that this is the last photo from the post and hope you will keep reading our posts. In future…… :))))

candle holding
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