If you are a creative person, you have free time and old blocks in the yard place here is what you can do!!! You can make a perfect block bench for the yard place and to sit here with family, friends, partner, and kids!!!

Not every furniture and benches must be bought from a salon but some of it you can make it in an easy way. With this, to clean the yard and to give new life to the material you have there and to boost your creativity. Exactly this you will SEE if you decide to spend your free time with us and see amazing ideas.

Take a glance in modern bench made from cement blocks and wood

The first idea is impressive and here you can boo your motivation and read about how to make block bench. Here you can sit with friends and family and have a nice summertime!!!

block bench
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Cement block bench for the second idea of the post

In the second photo, we can see a great idea and this bench can be a perfect part of the yard. If you decide to make this you will have a place for sitting in the yard!!!

block bench
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Make a sitting chair around the firepit

In the third photo, you can see how to create a nice place, seating area around the fire pit in the yard that we all need it. For this aim, you can use pallets and cement block. Cement blocks can be also used to make the firepit and enjoying in modern decor!!

cement block bench
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What about seating sofa made from an old cement block and pallets?

Sit or sleep here on the modern sofa placed in the corners of the yard place. But first, try to make it and follow this link below the photo that will take you to the full instructions.

cinder block bench
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Spray paint the cement blocks and create a perfect bench for the outdoor place

If you ever wondered can you have this bench at yard well you can surely have it. If you are creative to make it and if you aren’t and have no time, to buy it!!! This is the last photo from this post so I hope you already found an idea for your free time!

blocks bench
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