Hey friends. Sometimes we have no idea what type of decor to add on the table top we have at the home. To spend money on buying some craft and element can be silly if you have a low salary. So.. what can you do? Maybe you can use your creativity and free time to make some nice ornaments for the table top. I think that the most usual things we put on the top of the table are flowers, candles, and fish bowls or old glasses that we don’t use anymore. That’s why we will show you how to mix these elements and to save your money.

Don’t be silly, learn how to make some of these nice ornaments at home and decorated the table top, decorate the TV stand or the nightstand table top. Be a creative person and make something in a cheap way, something that you will love and at the same time will save you money!!!

Lovely terrarium filled with flowers

With the use of glass bowl and flowers and little fresh water, you will have a nice decor for the table top and you can enjoy in a modern place. For more information, follow the link below the photo.

nice ornaments
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Glass bowl filled with fresh flowers looks so good

In the second idea, you can see the same idea that you can make in your free time. To beautify the table in your home you don’t need too much money but you need effort, time and motivation. I invite you to see this design and to think if this is the idea you wish to make for your home.

for table decor
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The combination of candles and flowers with glass bowl looks fine

In the third idea, you will see again the nice centerpiece for the table top and this idea you can use for the house place to add it to the table and to love the decor. Mix these three elements and adore the decoration for home place.

nice crafts
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Red roses in high glasses

The topic of this photo says a lot for the craft. It’s so simple and easy and all you need to do is to add the red roses (artificial or natural) in high glasses and to admire the decor. You will at the same time enjoy the fragrance. This is the last idea from this post so I really hope that you enjoyed in seein the nice decor.

roses in fish bowl
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