The design of the sofa plays an important role when creating a modern living room design. A modern sofa can be the focus of your room and you can just complete the decor with additional decorative elements. For example, you can add a modern floor lamp, large photo frame on the wall and a large flower pot.

If we make a mistake with the choice of the sofa we will destroy the decor of the same room. In the following, I have chosen some amazing sofa designs for people who love modern style. If you are in dilemma about the sofa bed style, just take a glimpse!

Modern sofa + floor lamp = lovely interior design

When you will choose one modern sofa design you will make a BOOM in your living room design and the next step will be to choose a modern floor lamp. The inspiring ideas in our first photo of living room design with an accent of yellow colour might help you for inspiration, so take a look. Although, I invite you to see our ideas about floor lamps that will help you in choosing.

Pale rose vintage bed sofa in the living room

This British style of sofa makes the awesome room look you are dreaming for. The pale rose vintage bed will be the focus of your living room place and many of your guests will admire your interior design.

sofa design

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Modern sofa style used for seating and sleeping on it

Living in a small house intend you the need to buy a multi-purpose sofa that you will use for seating and both for sleeping. The following design might blow your mind, watch out!

modern sofa

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Modern grey sofa with a combination of yellow lounge chairs

Add a large sofa in the living room and also add two yellow lounge chairs and one classic black chair. To complete the decor and large photo frame on the wall and on the other wall add built-in wall fireplace.

White bed sofa, stripes carpet and lounge chairs

I have noticed that nowadays in interior design are more often added the white sofa and lounge chairs with good carpet design. But, as you can see the coffee table is omitted for a pure view of the carpet style.

Modern grey sofa 3, 2 seaters for the living room

If you don’t want to add any other chairs in the living room, this large sofa 3, 2 seaters is an excellent choice for you. Grey colour gives the room essential beauty and open atmosphere.

Modern sofa and two armchairs design

For those who want to add a small sofa in the interior, we have another idea. Keep the small sofa in the living room but also add two armchairs, one in white colour and the other in yellow. And about the sofa the best colour choice is grey. This is the last idea of this post, so I would be very thankful to you if you share these ideas with friends! Bye!

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