Hey dear friend, how are you? Day by day, this year is going away and the new year will come so this tells us that we need to find ideas about the outdoor Christmas decoration. In my little introduction that I wrote to appeal your attention, I will explain you in short about the following ideas. For an outdoor place, you can reuse the old tires and to make a Christmas tree, you can make plastic cups wreath for the front door, you can make wooden Christmas train that will beautify the outdoor place. Furthermore, you can take care of the pathway and also you can reuse the old pallets for making another Christmas tree.

Find motivation in the following images and make the best outdoor Christmas decoration for the year that follows and will come very soon the year 2019. Feel the Christmas magic!

Repurpose the old tires and make Christmas tree

How great way to repurpose the old tires and to give them a new life. Create a Christmas tree of green tires and bring the Christmas spirit in outdoor place. Feel the magic and make your family happy, find inspiration and motivation in this photo.

DIY Christmas decoration- make a train

The second photo is about how to make an outdoor wooden train, just follow the link below this photo and find out how to make this craft before the winter comes!

Cool outdoor Christmas decoration, made of paper

In the third photo of our do it yourself ideas post, we can see an amazing combination of paper and lights. If you are a creative person, you can make this craft with your friends and have fun.

Do it yourself Christmas walkway

Walk through this modernly designed walkway that you can create just by yourself. Add a lot of lanterns on small Christmas trees and bring the magic in your own yard place.

Wooden pallet Christmas tree idea

Here I will give you another idea about creating a Christmas tree in the outdoor place but this time is about how to reuse the wooden pallet, lampions and lights for this. Follow the link below this photo for the full instructions.

Front door decoration with plastic cups

And of course, don’t forget the front door place. Here is the place where you should pay attention. Our idea for you is very inspiring and it’s about how to add plastic cups and lights and to wish welcome to the guests that are coming into the house place.

front door decoration

Photo via www.dikka.info

Do it yourself snowman of fish bowls

And let’s finish this post with another great idea that is about how to make an interesting snowman by using fish bowls. Also, you can make a snowman by using plastic cups. I hope that you have found ideas for Christmas time and you can start this project as soon as you will have free time.

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