Floor lamps are part of interior design in many traditional homes. When you enter one house, the first thing that will catch your eyes is exactly the floor lighting, the floor lamp. To buy an to have a floor lamp it won’t cost you a lot, cause they are inexpensive. One Interesting thing for me is that you can replace this lamp wherever you wish to. One day you can use it in a bedroom and the next day to use it in the living room. In this way, you can change the design of the house each possible day. Take care to choose the best idea of these amazing photos I’ve chosen just for you!

Plase, scroll down to see the list of nice floor lamps your home needs! Tripod chopper, torchiere LEd lights, electric lamps or a crystal chandelier? Choose the best after checking the images firstly! If you need other lighting ideas, you may check about these hidden lighting to leave you speechless. Find motivation hereinafter!

Original tripod copper floor lamp

An original idea for you is to choose a tripod copper flooring lamp. An elegant look for any type of home design style. You deserve to have this in your house.

Torchiere LED floor lamps

Torchiere floor lamp shade with ready LED lights.

torchiere light

Photo via www.izutti.com

Floor lamp with plants

To save the space in a home, buy a modern lamp with shelves and a place for growing green plants. This is a Chinese style for design. Great solution for people who love growing flowers and plants.

light with plants

Photo via www.blogbd.org

Astonishing floor shadow lamps for people with a style

Perfect brown and grey floor lamps. Interesting idea for those who can’t imagine their home without light fixtures. The idea is always ours and the choice is yours!

Floor lamps – Electric light

Electric light can produce soft and diffused light in the interior. Amaze yourself and fall in love with this photo.

Modern floor lamp

This mega impressive modern floor lamp is used to supply additional lighting. Impress yourself with this attractive design.

Lostine Modern Gold Floor Lamp 

Gold accent floor lights with fine lamps. Siple idea for spectacular house place. Popular shade light for creating elegant house look. Save this idea on your desktop!

Crystal chandelier floor lighting

Another idea to add additional lighting in the home is to use a crystal chandelier. Great idea for those who enjoy in flower shapes used as decorative elements.

crystal chandelier

Photo via www.fhpcman.com

Colourful orbs used for home design

Orbs can be used as a decoration element both for outside but both for indoor decor. Choose orbs with three colours as a light fixture. Bring the fashion and trend in your living area.

We came to the end of our friendship. Duty before pleasure, we are going to find other ideas just to inspire you! If you liked this post, follow us!


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