One of the most important parts from home place is the walls fro almost every room. Walls from the bathroom, walls from the entrance hall, walls for our own rooms, bedrooms and the most important, the walls from the living room. Here, we have a wall that is part of the TV unit and the other wall which is part of the fireplace, if we decide to add a fireplace. Let me tell you that fireplaces and stone walls go great in combination and we will keep on this topic this day!!!

Also, read about the last post shared on our page and was about the best kitchen hacks and organization that will surely help in your kitchen palce. But first, check the following photos and find the best wall decor idea for the most important room and walls from the house. Enjoy!

Combine stone walls with the rustic tree for walls

In the first photo, we can see how to combine the stones with the three at home and also to keep the fireplace. To be honest, I think that we should all try this decor in our living room and enjoying in modern WORLD!!!

stone walls
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Great stone wall and fireplace

I think that we shouldn’t add the stones just where the fireplace is but we should fill the full wall and coping the ame design for the TV unit. What do you thunk? Check the photo now which is the second from this post today and tell us!!!

rocks walls
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Keep the rustic style at home

And as we can see this is stones and rustic tree in combination which goes great when the fireplace is added. Keep warm yourself and copy the design at home.

tree fireplaces
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Give romantic look to the villa with large rocks on the walls

I think that the villa walls should keep the stones and rocks in interior place and decorating the walls in the best way like this. Come on see this design and keep it for your home too. ( or villa if you have)

stone fireplaces
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River rocks for the fireplace wall

In the last photo, we have an impressive idea for you and this is that you can surely see it. Large or small rocks, different in size and color, this is something you need in the home place and enjoying in the same place. Sorry that this will be the last photo but we will be back with new photos. Soon!

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Well, hope you already are thinking of adding rock and stones walls in your modern home and you will share this post with friends. Am I right or wrong? 🙂 Tell us in a comment and give the range for this page, thanks!!!

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