If you are a new person in our world of DIY ideas I want to wish you welcome to the club. Believe or not, you can make a lot of DIY things just by reusing the old materials and stuff. There is no better feeling of making crafts for our home that is in some way functional and practical. Here you can find reusing PVC pipes ideas in practical ways.

Hereinafter, you can learn how to make a table of pipes, wine glass racks, TV stand with shelves, how to make a vertical garden of pipes, how to organize the mess n the drawers and also how to make candle holder of old PVC pipes. Stay with us and have fun 🙂

Make a practical table of reusing the old pipes

I have always wanted to have a table like this for my room, but I haven’t an idea that I can make it by myself. And imagine, to make it just by reusing the old PVC pipes at home. Have a glimpse in this photo and think about making a table like this for your house place.

Hanging wine glass racks ideas

Kitchen room is the room where we need smart and practical organization. How we can have a practical organization, reveal the phoot below. Take a look and get inspired by this amazing idea that you can make it in your free time.

PVC pipes clothes organization

Organize the mess in the drawers just with a PVC pipes usage. If you want to have an organized room, make more things like this for your home place.

PVC pipes flower pots – the vertical garden

The vertical garden looks great and also saves you space at home. You can be smart and to make this garden for your house place, to take care of the flowers and to grow the plants without any effort. Take a look in this photo and learn how to make it.

Reusing PVC pipes – DIY mirror frames

Make the best mirror frame for house walls and do it by using PVC pipe. This is a very creative idea that you should save for your free time.

Storage the things you need every day in a pipe

Solve the problem with the organization with this idea for bathroom place.

Romantic candle holder for table decoration made of old pipes

Bring the romantic style for your table setting. Make candle holder of pipes that will beautify the table top.

Do it yourself TV stand with shelves

Here is the best idea of this post. Can you beleive that you can make wall shelves and TV stands just by old PVC pipes? If you still don’t beleive to my own words, check this photo and improve that if you are creative you can make practical furniture from home and also to give new life to the old things.


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