Hello hello, dear friends who are in love with DIY crafts. This is lovely Saturday afternoon and we are here again with creative ideas. We chose to show you DIY ideas for today because the weather is already hot and we spend a lot of time outdoors. This is the thing that should force us to take care of the decor in yard place and to try to make some things with our hands. This is the day when we will see amazing tires reuse ideas.

Don’t go anywhere and read about amazing tires reuse ideas and by the way, share the same with your friends! We appreciate your free time that you share with us and that’s why we have to share the best ideas from the post with you and only you!

Make vertical garden by reusing the old tires

With the help of tires, we can save space in outdoors and create one small but cute vertical garden. In this place, we can plant the flowers in a creative way. Feel free and take a look in the very first idea from this post but also check the other photos.

tires reuse ideas
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It’s time for tea break but this time teacup is made form tires!

Creativity and creative ideas will never end and there will be always some new ideas shown and shared by creative people who spend a lot of time in an outdoor place. The second idea from this post will also give you an idea about your balcony or yard place and maybe you will wish to make it. Why not?

tires reuse
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Make creative reuse of the old tires

Use tires in different colors and make the best crafts for an outdoor place. I invite you to find motivation in the photo here and to learn how to make it for the outdoor place. On the old tires, you will give them a new life and also you will have modern decor. All this you will see in the photo from this post but also check the next photo which will be the last and we will finish this creative post.

tires reuse
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Make amazing flower vase without spending money

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on having the best decor in an outdoor place but you need old tires and ideas about how to reuse it. Feel free to see the design and idea right now and to try to make it in yard place.

tires vase
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