We do make a lot of mistakes with our kitchen appliances so we also make mistakes with microwaves and aren’t aware of doing this all the time. Now it’s the time when we will tell you what’s wrong and will give you the signs telling you that you are using wrong your microwave.

You never use the pause button

do you actually know that there is a pausa button on your microwave? Well, I haven’t any idea until I found explanation on the net and after this decided to share it with you.

microwave wrong uses
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You turn it off and leave off

Your food is warmed, the time goes on, your turn off the microwave and leave off. You are making a mistake here, wait a minute. Open the microwave door and wait to cool it.

You don’t clean it regurarly

You forget to clean it and suddenly your microwave becomes so dirtier that it is impossible to clean it. The best way to refresh it and give it the nice smell is to add half lemon and hot water in it, to turn it off for about 20 minutes and wait to see the result.

You add plastic in the microwave

The third mistake that you are making is that you are putting plastic plates inside and this can be dangerous for you and for your kitchen appliances.

You are adding your fresh veggies inside

By doing this, you are destroying your veggies so stop doing this and damaging the microwave.

You reheat and this can cause mini-explosion in your microwave

If you often reheat the hardboiled eggs, expect to happen mini-explosion or simply stop doing this. Take care of your kitchen appliances and keep safe your house, you and the whole family.

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