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Today, there are many home automation features that turn everyday chores and upkeep into a futuristic experience. With a tap of your finger or a voice command, you can turn on your heating, dim the lights, or close your curtains. However, amongst all these cool gadgets is some serious stuff that can help keep you and your home protected. In this article, we run down four automated home security technologies that will help set your mind at ease.

1. Next generation CCTV

Once, home CCTV systems were only for the rich and famous. However, smart technology means that everyone can enjoy 24-hour vigilance. Small, discreet cameras that you can install yourself and monitor on a smartphone are transforming home security, giving everyone access to CCTV monitoring. What’s more, smart CCTV incorporates WiFi to upload footage to the cloud, mitigating the need for any bulky equipment or complicated storage setups. Other features to look out for include high-resolution imaging, wide panning, audio, and even motion detectors that activate your alarm system.

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2. See who’s at the door, even if you’re not home

Introducing the humble doorbell, but not as you know it: the smart doorbell. Often incorporating mini cameras, this futuristic take on the peep-hole is more ubiquitous than you might think. This is because the technology is surprisingly simple; when someone approaches your door and rings the bell, the button activates a mini-camera that sends a notification to your smartphone allowing you to see who’s at the door, even if you’re not home. The best versions will also include high-res footage and two-way audio, so you can say hi to your friends or give instructions to delivery personnel.

3. Make house keys a thing of the past

Everyone’s had that feeling before – as you pull out of your drive or get on the train, you think to yourself, “Did I lock the back door? Is the bathroom window closed?” However, with smart locks, this anxiety is a thing of the past. With this technology, you can activate your locks using an app that communicates with the locking mechanism via WiFi or Bluetooth. Some systems will also automatically lock and unlock when the owner’s phone approaches, making keys a thing of the past.

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4. Lights are on but no one’s home

Smart lights aren’t just a nifty way to set the mood – they also add enhanced security. With WiFi-enabled LEDs, you can control the lights in your home from a smartphone app. That way, you can switch on a few lights to make it seem like you’re home if you’re out all day or away on holiday. Plus, you can also programme scheduled dimming or set a whole range of colours.

Be smart and secure

Now, there are loads of user-friendly gadgets that can make your home more secure. Not only have these innovative new home automation tools made protecting your home more convenient, they’ve also made advanced home security solutions more affordable. With everything from discrete, cloud-enabled CCTV to smart locks, anyone can enjoy total peace of mind, no matter the size of their home or where they live.

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