Open shelving units are an important element of every kitchen room. With this type of shelves, we can shape space at home and also have a nice organization to the kitchen stuff. We can organize the spices and the herbs we need for cooking, we can organize also plates and glasses there. You don’t need to feel ashamed if you choose to have these shelves in kitchen place, everyone should see your organization. You don’t have to hide the things you use every day in the kitchen place. On contrary, you should feel proud for being an organized person with the best kitchen design.

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Black kitchen cabinet with open shelving units

Nowadays, people intentionally choose modern kitchen open shelving units to organize the things they have at home. That’s why you need to check this idea and think about renewing the old kitchen design. I really love this black kitchen cabinet with open shelves.

Black kitchen open shelves

We’ve started with black kitchen design and we will continue with the black kitchen also. Organize here the plates, pans, kitchen tools and be an organized person.

Geometric kitchen with open shelves

Let’s break the monotony of black kitchens and let’s see one geometric kitchen idea. If you are looking for unique kitchens, this is the idea you need to save on your desktop. I like the design and open shelves that will make cooking easy and never boring.

Floating wooden kitchen shelves

Maybe when I first saw this image I thought that this is some kind old-fashioned look of a kitchen place. But, finally to understand that this is actually modern again. All because fashion is coming back.

Contemporary kitchen cabinet with open units

This is the contemporary style of a kitchen cabinet. You don’t need any cabinet doors, my dear friend, you need this open shelves.

Ladder shelves in a kitchen place

What about the usage of ladder shelves in a kitchen room. It looks amazing and creative design for any room of the house. Even if o wish you can copy the style for a living room place.

Floating white shelves for white kitchen place

White kitchen needs white shelves that are open and it can be seen by every guest that is entering your house. Find inspiration in this photo that is an example of a modern styled kitchen room. Organize here your modern coffee cups, wine glasses and soup plates. Have fun.

Wooden floating shelves for small kitchen place

When the kitchen is small we need more space saving ideas that will solve our problem with the organization. Take a look in this photo that will help you in creating the best kitchen storage of the plates and glasses you have. I hope that you found this post useful and thanks for your attention!

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