This creative post is about the nice and lovely design of story house. In the following images, you have the chance to see front house design, backyard design, plan of the house and one part of interior design. At the last two images, you will have an opportunity to peek inside this amazing house.

If you just scroll down you will see a house design that is too good to be TRUE!

The front side of the story house design

Glassdoor is great chose to replace the mundane boring walls and also giving enough light to one living room. This design is made of one nice story house where on the first floor are used glassdoor. All this looks fantastic. There is also a front seating area, a table with chairs for enjoying in drinking coffee with family members, friends and neighbours. As we can see, there is also an attic room where is the second floor of this amazing house.

The backyard of the house

The backyard place is maximally usable. As we can see, on the back side of the house there are glass doors instead of walls. In the outdoor place, there is a bed for relaxing and enjoyment during the weekend and free time. To go back to the yard, there is enough place for planting grass and some of our favourite flowers and plants. The driveway is inviting for the guests who visit the house.

The other part of the house

On the other part of the house, there is a built-in garage, a place for your car. Flower pots are arranged in a way for wishing goodbye to the guests that are leaving the house. The other part of the driveway looks absolutely great. Cool idea!

Floor house plan for nice story house

You may also check the floor plan for the same house. About the interior place, there is one bedroom, two kids room, one living room, in the garage there is a place for two cars. Two bathroom places and one open space kitchen and dining room connected with the living room. In the following two images we will peak in the inside of the house.

Kitchen design

Fresh design for kitchen place and dining room. One kitchen enough enlighted and tall table for decoration. The cabinet is made of wood furnishes that make any women to adore cooking here. I like the design that is a synonym for the modern way of living.


Photo via www.pracownia-projekty.dom

Living room design

And… the last photo is the living room place. Modern and contemporary design including one large sofa with a short coffee table. Bookshelves for an organisation of favourite books is part of living room. On the wall, there is a unique gallery wall and the TV unit is a trend. Flooring is made of large white tiles and that’s it. With this photo, we’ve described one perfect house that is too good to be true!

interior design

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