Maximize the space in a small apartment/house with the use of stunning gypsum board room divider ideas. Gypsum board is a decorative wall that can be easily shaped and framed and by the way, gives your room an attractive look. It might be used in the living room to create one open-plan room or to use it in the bedroom place.

Take a look in the following images that makes perfection of a room. But, if you don’t like to use gypsum board as a room divider, check our totally unique ways to use glass doors to make two rooms of only one. Keep following our website in future because our next post will be a little surprising for you but for us one idea that will draw everybody’s attention!

Gypsum board room divider with lighting

Kill two birds with one stone if choose gypsum board room divider with the combination of hidden lighting. Create a nice ambient and comfortable atmosphere in your living room with a red and white wall. Choose one of the best ideas from our gallery collection!

lighting and divider

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Gypsum board used as a decor in a bedroom place

Even a bedroom needs room division for privacy and also for creating a modern look. That’s why you should use the idea as a part of your home and sleeping room.

room divider

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Creative divider in the open-plan living room area

Standard white room partition will add a fantasy in every house place. One simple design that looks lovely and makes you have two tiny and cute rooms instead of one large and old-fashioned.

Carved room divider in an aim to connect the living room and dining room

Gypsum board wall shelves, wall division and ceiling decor is the description of this open-plan living area design. Nice idea.

Gypsum board room partition with a combination of wall stickers

This is ideal for people with style, for those who enjoy in stunning room partition.

Interesting shaped room partition formed of gypsum board

Is this the idea you need for your house place? If Yes, save it on your desktop and renew the house design.

Fancy and modern division of living room and kitchen place

Interesting shape of a house place WALL PARTITION.

interesting idea

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Circular room divider with a combination of the gallery wall

A gallery wall is a lovely idea for every house walls. In this photo, we have a circular room divider with 3D stickers, hidden lighting and a gallery wall. What else can we add for perfect design? Well, nothing at all, everything seems so beautiful!

Unusual room partition flower shape

What do you think of creating different shapes of your interior walls? For example, some of your house walls can look exactly like this one. Add the touch of the flowers there and enjoy in nice ambient.

room partition

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Wall room dividing and ceiling, with a combination of lighting

Let’s end this post with the most beautiful idea about how to divide the living room of the kitchen place. Thanks for your attention, we appreciate your time so we choose the best interior design ideas both to inspire you and to save you time.

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