Hello friends. How are you today! Hope that you are fine and you are drinking Sunday afternoon coffee, scrolling on the net with the aim to find some new ideas for interior/exterior design. If you have some free time to share with us, take a look in 3D floor plans, ideas that we have to show for you!

You will see where to be your bedroom, where to be the living room and how to find even small space for the terrace when the house place is so small. The answer to all these questions you will find in the photos below and you will have all the problems solved after checking and reading the full text now.

Duplex house 3 plans – loft houses

In the very first photo, you will see duplex house design and floor plan for the first floor but also for the second floor. As you can see in the photo here, even if we live in a small apartment, or tiny house, we can still have a nice organization of the rooms.

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3D floor plans
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Smart 3D and organization of the rooms

The design of the house is easy for making but what is hard is to make organization of the rooms and to find a suitable place for each room. Here is the design, you have the chance to see where to add the bedroom, where to add the terrace and how to find a small space even for two toilets.

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Floor plan in 3D with two bedrooms

Having two bedrooms in the house is maybe enough if you live in a family with approximately four or five members. With house organization like this in the plan, you will succeed what you’ve been dreaming for.

floor plan
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2bhk house plan with 5 bedrooms

Wow! Those who have even 5 bedrooms are lucky people and they live probably in bhk house! This design in the photo is bhk house where there is good organization on each room that fill the space from the house. So, take a look now!

2bhk house plans
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Double story house design

And, we will finish this post with design contains thee bedroom, three toilets, one kitchen, one dining room which probably looks like a house where live more than one family. Sincerely hope you have found a useful idea for your future home because with this idea we will finish this post now, my dear friends.

double story house design
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Thank you if you have already read the full text, now go to our page and also read about last post that was about how to choose the best design for the living room and to enjoy in such an amazing place. My advice for you: Save these house plans on your desktop because you never know what will happen in future and sometimes you maybe will feel the need for selling into the new house so the ideas will be useful for you.

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